Extracts from Calendar of Patent Rolls

“The Patent Rolls, which began in 1201, contain a record of the patent, i.e. open or public letters of the king or his ministers directed to various persons, and include grants of land or of offices, deeds of various kinds, and an enormous collection of miscellaneous matter, so that it is not too much to say that practically every parish in England and almost every person of consequence was at some time mentioned therein. It would in fact be futile to attempt to write a history of any parish in this country, or to tell the story of any ancient family without reference to them.” - Knights of Edward I - Rev C. Moor


· p372 - July 3, 1290 - Havering -
Inspeximus and confirmation of a charter of Otto de Grandisono to Peter de Wypeyns his nephew, whereby the said Otto - after reciting that Edward I had granted to him in fee tail by the service of two knight’s feess, the castle, cantred and land of Okonagh, the town of Tiperari, the castle and town of Kilfekle, the land of Muskerye, the manor of Kilsilam, the town of Clummele and the land of Estremoye, and also Hynaon (which he formerly had of the gift of the king for life) - grants to the said Peter the whole land of Estremoye and Oenny for ever for the service to the king of half a knight’s fee, with remainder to Gerard de Crous, nephew of the said Otto.
Witnesses:- R.bishop of Bath and Wells, J.bishop of Winchester, P.bishop of Exeter, Edmund earl of Lancaster, brother of the king, Edmund, earl of Cornwall, Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, Robert Tibotot, John de Sancto Johanne, Walter de Bello Campo, Peter de Chaumpaigne, knights, and others.

Inspeximus and confirmation of a charter of the said Otto granting in fee simple to Peter de Estanayaco (or Estanayco), his nephew, out of the above lands, the castle and land of Okonagh and town of Tiperari, for the service to the king of half a knight’s fee, with remainder to John de Estratelinges, called ‘Rouselet’, another nephew of the said Otto; witnessed as above.
· p226 - January 9, 1297 - Ipswich -
Protection with clause volumus, until Midsummer, for the following, going by the king’s command to Brabant with Margaret the king’s daughter, duchess of Brabant:-
Master John Luvel
Roger de Tylemanston
Matilda de Stratelyng
Walter de Berton, parson of the church of Farleye
John de Farariis
Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hertford and Essex

- January 9, 1297 - Ipswich -
Letters for Matilda de Stratelyng, going as above, nominating Peter Foun her attorney for that period.

· p292 - July 14 ,1297,Westminster -
Appointment of Walter Hakelute to the custody, during pleasure, of the castle of Neeth, receiving at the hands of William de Caversham, treasurer of Keyrdyf, 52l. a year, provided that he be charged with the issues arising from he castle and answer thereof. Mandate to Peter de Straddeleye to deliver to him by chirograph the castle, with its armour, victuals and other goods.

· p295 - July 20, 1297, Westminster -
Protection with clause voluminus, for one year, for Matilda de Strateling, staying in Brabant with Margaret the king’s daughter, duchess of Brabant.

· p337 - April 1, 1298 - Westminster -
Letters for Otto de Grandison, gone to the court of Rome on the king’s arduous affairs, nominating Peter de Stratelinges, knight, in Ireland, for three years.
The like for Peter de Stanye, staying beyond seas, nominating Peter de Stratelenges in Ireland for two years.
The like for the same nominating the same in England. The like for Aymo de Carto, provost of Beverley, gone to the court of Rome, nominating the same Peter in Ireland for two years.

· p346 - April 6, 1298 - Westminster -
Letters for Peter de Stradelinges, going to Ireland, nominating John de Ditton and Nicholas Fraunceys (attorneys), for two Years.

· p354 - June, 1298 - ? -
Letters for Joan, wife of Peter de Stradlinges, going to Ireland, nominating Nicholas Fraunceys and John de Dytton her attorneys for two years.

p116 - February 4, 1303 - Windsor -
Pardon to the executors of the will of John le Stratelinges, in consideration of his service during his lifetime, of 200L., which he acknowledged in the Chancery to owe to Henry de Podio, merchant of Lucca and hois fellows, merchants of the society of the Ricardi of Lucca; and the like to Gerard de Wyspains, archdeacon of Richmond, and Walter de Langeton, now bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, his pledges, who became principal debtors in that amount on his behalf; and the said merchants are to have the amount allowed in their account with the king.

· p349 - March 20, 1305 - Westminster -
Commission of oyer and terminer to Robert son of Walter, Ralph de Ssandwyco, and Henry Spigurnel, on complaint by Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hertford and Essex, and Elizabeth his wife, the king’s daughter, that -------- ------, Eustace Esterling, Henry Esterling,----------- -------, and others came to their manor of ??, county Middlesex, while the earl was in Scotland on the king’s service and under his protection, broke the gates of the manor and doors of theie houses, carried away their goods and assaulted their men.
1307-1313 - nil

1313-1317 - nil

1317-1321 - nil

· p46 - Jan. 3. 1322, Worcester -
Commission to Nicholas de la Beche to attach and arrest certain of the king’s contrariants.

· p53 - Feb. 8. 1322, Gloucester -
Writ of aid for John de Lortye and Johnm de Say appointed to arrest Thomas de Gornay, John de Kyngeston, Walter de Pavely of Stratton, John de Ralegh, Simon de Ralegh, Warin de Ralegh, John de Mautravers, John Luterel, Andrew Luterel, William de Co---, Edward de Estradelich, (and others).

· p53 - Feb.14.1322, Gloucester -
The like for Richard Lovel and Reginald de Frome appointed to arrest the same persons.

· p53- Feb.21.1322, Temple Guyting -
The like for Nicholas de Grey and William de Bredon, appointed to arrest the same persons.

· p7 - July.22.1324, Porchester -
Restitution to Edward de Stredlynge of the county of Somerset, late a rebel, whom the king lately released from prison on his finding mainprise for his future good behaviour, of all his lands, to hold at the king’s will. Mandeate to Roger deGulden, keepere of certain forfeited lands in the counties of Somerset and Dorset, to deliver the said lands to him upon his making compensation in any cases where any of the lands have been let to farm.

· p564 - June. 8.1330, Woodstock -
Mandate to Peter le Veel and Edward de Stradelyng reciting that a commission was issued to them to enquire concerning goods late of Hugh le Dispenser the younger, in the land of Glamorgan, forfeited to the king, that certain men of those parts will not take cognisance therefore before them, pleading their laws and customs, and that the king is unwilling that the goods should be kept from him under such a plea; to seize them and to arrest all persons who shall oppose them, or who shall be found guilty or suspected. By C.

1330-1334 - nil

1334-1338 - nil

· p127 - Sept.6.1338, Windsor -
Inspeximus and ratification of letters of confirmation by the dean and chapter of the church of Exeter, dated May 15 1338, of a lese for life at a peppercorn rent by John, bishop of Exeter, to John de Sancto Paulo, king’s clerk, of a tenement by the church of St Clement without the gate of the New Temple, London, with the easements of the chapel of St Thomas annexed to the tenement, sometime of William de Bereford, to hold as in houses, shops, and their orchards and garden, from an old dyke on the east to the wall of the river Thmaes on the south, with free ingress to and egress from the chapel at will. Witnesses:- John de Ralegh, Edward de Stradlyng, Oliver de Dyneham, knights, Matthew de Crouthorn, Peter de Clifford and others. Dated London, 9.March,1338.

1340-1343 - nil

· p14 - April.1.1343, Tower of London -
Grant to Bartholomew de Burgherssh of the custody of the manor of Norton Veel by Taunton, late of Peter de Veel, deceased, who held of John de Sancto Claro, the king’s ward, by homage and fealty, as appears by inquisition taken by Edward de Stradelynge, escheator in the counties of Somerste and Dorset, which is the king’s hands by reason of the minority of the heir of the said Peter, to hold diring such minority with the marriage of the heir.

· p82 - March.30.1343, Westminster -
Commission of oyer and terminer to Thomas de Berkeleye, John de Sancto Laudo, Roger Hillary and William de Shareshiull on complaint by Edward de Stradelyngg that master William de Gyldene, John son of Walter de Leweston, John de Stokelond, the younger, Nicholas atte Watere, Henry , his brother, Robert le Coke and others assalted him at Olveston, co. Gloucester, when he was coming to the king by his command, carried away his goods, assalted his men and servants so that he lost their service for a great while and prevented him as far as they could from coming to the king.

· p132 - Nov.4.1343, Langley -
Licence for the alienation in mortmain to the master and bretheren of the hospital of St John The Baptist, Bruggewauter in satisfaction of 40s of the 10marks yearly of the land and rent which they have the king’s licence to acquire, of the following, by John de Walesygnham, 34 acres of land and 3 acres of meadow in Ilebrwere, by Thomas Fole, a toft and 5 acres of land in Northovre and by the said John the reversions of a garden in Northovre by Ivelcestre, now in the tenure of Philip Godhale and Matilda, his wife, and two messuages in the same town in the tenure of John le Smith of Alba Midelton and edith le Cary, respectively; all which are held of the master and brethren in chief and are worth yearly 15s 81/2 d as appears by an inquisition taken by Edward de Stradelyng, escheator in the county of Somerset.

· p202 - Feb.10.1344, Westminster -
Licence ----------. The said messuages, land and meadow are of the value of 15s yearly, as appears by inquisition taken by Edward Stradelyng. late escheator in the county of Somerset.

· p406 - not seen!

· p571 - Oct.20.1345, Westminster -
Inspeximus and confirmation -------
Witnesses:- Edward Stradelynge and Roger de Berkeroles, knights,--.

· p17 - Dec.10.1345, Clipstone -
-------Edward de Stradelyng, late escheator in the county of Somerset,- --

· p231 - Sept.18.1346, Windsor -
Commission of the peace, pursuant to the statutes of Winchester and Nortyhhampton, to Adam de Hoghton, Robert de Nevill, John de haveryngton, ‘Le Fitz’, Robert le Coudray, Roger de Farynton and Adam de Bredkyrke, in the county of Lancster. They are also to take inquisitions touching all vagabonds and others forming unlawful assemblies of disturbers of the peace and committing roberies, felonies, and tresspasses, arrest all those indicted by such inquisitions and imprison them until the king give other order therein, and to order if necessary that all men of the county, each according to his estate, be fitted with arms to aid in all that concerns the keeping of the peace, certifying the king in the chancery of the names of any who flee the country on this account and will not be justified by them.

· p232 - Oct.16.1346, Windsor -
In the like manner the following are appointed as under:- John Inge, John de Clyvedon, John de Mere, Edward de Stranlyn, (and others), in the counties of Somerset and Dorset.

· p301 - Jan.30.1347, Eltham -
Commission to (confirms previous commission).

· p406 - Sept.21.1347, Worcester -
Whereas the abbot and convent of Neeth lately acquired to them and their successors from Edward de Stradelynge, knight, an acre of land with appurtenances in the town of St Donats in Glamorganshire, and the advowson of the church of that town and now hold the church as appropriated to their house, without having obtained the king’s licence, and whereas the land and advowson on that account are forfeited to him: he, for 20 marks, which the abbot and convent will pay, has pardoned the tresspasses herein and granted licence for them to retain the land and advowson as well as to hold the church as appropriated.

· p571- not seen

1348-1350 - nil

· p328 - Sept.3.1352, Westminster-
Whereas Eleanor late the wife of John Gifford of Bures lately granted that the manor of Bokelond, held in chief, which Maud late the wife of John de Lenham held for life of her inheritance, should remain to Edward de Stradlyng, the elder, and Edward de Stradlyng, the younger and their heirs, and they, after receiving the attornment of the said Maud, re-granted the remainder of the manor, (an acre of land and the advowson of the church of the manor excepted) to the said Eleanor for life, so that after her death the same should remain to John de Stradlyng and the heirs of his body, and, failing such, to Edward son of Peter de Stradelyng and the heirs of his body, and, failing such, to the right heirs of the said Eleanor, and that the acre of land and advowson of the church should remain to the same Eleanor, and her heirs; and whereas Eleanor, after the death of Maud, entered into the manor by virtue of the grant of the said Edward and Edward, without obtainingthe king's licence, and the manor has on that account been taken into his hands: he, for 18 marks which Eleanor will pay him has pardoned the said trespasses and granted that she shall hold the manor for her life with remainders as above.
And the 18 marks have been paid in the hanaper.

· p289 - May 24.1400, Westminster -
Grant to Hugh Morton, prior of Ewenny in Wales, to whom by mainprise of William Stradlyng of the county of Somerset,‘chivaler,' and Thomas Prestbury of the county of Gloucester the king committed the custody of the priory of Langeneth, within the lordship of Gower in Wales, from Michaelmas last during the war with France, rendering 201. yearly at the Exchequer, that he shall not be removed from the custody by anyone, regular or secular, except the monks of the house beyond the seas to which the priory pertains. By K.

· p285 - Sept.11.1403, Worcester-
Commission to William Stradlyng, ‘chivaler,' and John Fareway to enquire about any goods of Welsh rebels carried off within the counties of Somerset and Dorset.

· p352 - Nov.13.1403, Westminster-
Grant to the king's servant and esquire John Mersshe, in full payment of 66l. due to him from the king, viz. 46l. paid by him for the freight of divers tuns of wine and flour late of Richard II brought by him from Ireland to England at the king's command and 20l. in arrear from his wages and robes of the household from the time of the coronation, of 66l. from divers goods amounting to the sum of 100 marks and more late of certain Welsh rebels brought from Wales to the counties of Somerset and Devon, forfeited to the king on account of their rebellion, as appears by certain inquisitions taken before William Stradelyng, ‘chivaler,' and others by virtue of letters patent. By p.s.

· p120 - July 8.1418. Waltham-
Pardon, for 40 marks paid in the hanaper, to John Stradlyng, 'chivaler,' and Joan late the wife of Maurice Russell, ' chivaler,' tenant in chief, of their trespass in intermarrying without licence.

· p168 - Dec.4.1423, Westminster -
Appointment., during pleasure, by advice of the council, of Edward Stradlyng, king's knight, to be his chamberlain and receiver of South Wales, at the.usual wages and fees; the said Edward having, found security, viz, himself in 500 marks and John Cheyne and William Wolf, king's knights, in 100 marks each, to be of good bearing in such office towards the king and his people without extortion or wrong-doing,, and to render to the king 10 marks yearly more than other chamberlains and receivers have done. By p.s.

· p 218 - June 8.1424, Westminster -
Commission of oyer and terminer to James de Audeley, knight, Edward Stradlyng, knight, and William Rede,, and to two of them including Rede, for all treasons and felonies in South Wales. Mandate to empanel juries, is addressed to the sheriff of the county of Carmarthen only. By C.

· p254 - Nov.8.1424, Westminster -
Grant, during pleasure, by advice of the council, to Edward Stradlyng, king's knight of the office of steward and receiver of the lordships of Cantreselly, Alsandreston and Penkethly, which are held of the earl of Hereford, the said office of steward and receiver of the king’s lordships having been previously held as one office, with the fees of 40s. [a year]. By p.s.

· p424 - June 20.1427, Westminster -
Commission, by advice of the council, to James de Audeley, knight Edward Stradlyng, knight, and William Rede, and to two of them including Rede, to inquire by inquest of South Wales, into the treasons done by Matthew ap Llewellyn Dduy, canon of Talley of the Premonstratensian order, in Kermerdyn county and the parts of South Wales, and to hear and determine the same according to the law and customs of those parts. By p.s.

· p116 - April 29. 1431, Westminster -
Appointment of Richard Vernon, Edward Stradlyng, and John Skydmore, knights, Thomas Mollesley and William Lee, and two or more of them, including either Mollesley or Lee, to be the king's justices in the parts of South Wales, so long as James de Audeley, knight, chief justice in those parts, shall be in France on the king's service. But he is not hereby to be removed from the office in any way or from the wages and profits thereof. By p.s.

· p130 - Feb. 20. 1431, Westminster -
Commission of oyer and terminer to David Morys, Edward Stradlyng, knight, and Edmund Morys, or to the first-named with either of the others, for treasons and felonies done in the county of Cardygan in the parts of South Wales.

· p194 - June 6. 1432, Westminster -
Protection for four years for the priory of St. John the Evangelist, Kermerdyn, South Wales, which has been wasted by misrule, and appointment of Humphrey, duke of Gloucester, Edward Stradelyng, knight, Willam ap Thomas, knight, and Gruffin Don, esquire, to the custody thereof. By p.s.

· p220 - July 31. 1432, Dogmersfield -
Commission to Edward Stradelyng, knight, and William ap Thomas, knight, to enquire as to the malefactors who took at sea a ship called ‘le George’ of Sluys laden with wines and honey of certain merchants of Flanders and Picardy, and brought her to the town of Dynby and sold the ship there with part of the wines and honey, giving the remainder to divers persons. The circumstances are to be ascertained and persons refusing to make restitution are to find. surety to appear in Chancery in the quinzaine of Michaelmas next.

· p356 - April 28.1434, Westminster -
Commission to James Audeley, knight, Edward Stradlyng, knight, William ap Thomas, knight, Robert Grendour, knight, Thomas Arundell, knight, John Herle, knight, John Polryden and John Hunte, sarjeant at arms, to make inquisition touching a petition by Peter Preere, Richard Goulle, Francis Sarratt, William Lorget and their fellows, burgesses and merchants of the king's cities of Paris and Rouen, shewing that, whereas they recently laded two vessels of Rouen at Leseluse with goods worth 2,000 marks for the victualling of the said cities, these vessels were taken off Brumalet in Caux by certain of the king's lieges in two balingers of Wynchelse and Sandewyche and carried as if belonging to enemies to the parts of Cornwall and Wales, where they were disposed of. All goods whereof the petitioners can prove their ownership by the merchants' marks or otherwise are to be restored, or their value paid if they have been consumed, and any persons proving contumacious are to be brought before the king in chancery. By C.

· p368 (starts 367) 1434 -
**********Nicholas Alderley and John Codryngton, and their heirs, of the manor of Derham, co. Gloucester, and the advowson of Derham church, also of 2 acres of land in Horsyngton and of the advowsons of Horsyngton church and of the free chapel of Southcheryton, co. Somerset, except one acre of land in the said manor, all held of the king in chief; and also to grant to the same the reversion of one third part of 6 carucates of land in Derham, one third part of the said manor of Horsyngton, one third part of the manor of Kyngeston Russell, co. Dorset, and the advowson of the free chapel of Kyngeston Russell, also held in chief, which are now held in dower by John Stradelyng, knight, and Joan his wife, of the inheritance of the said Margaret and Isabel, after the death of the said Joan.

· p476 - July 18.1435, Westminster -
Commission to John, earl of Huntingdon, Edward Stradlyng, knight, Geoffrey Louther, Richard Waller, Robert Whitgreve and Richard Alred, and to two or more of them, to take at Berhamdoune, on 23 July next, the muster of Robert de Wylughby, knight, Bertin Guterwesull (sic), knight, Thomas Pygot, Thomas Longeford, Thomas Gryslay, Nicholas Donnell, Henry Bertin, Robert Dutton, Thomas Stathom, Ralph Stathom, Richard Pemberton, Richard Mellyng and Nicholas Preston and of the men at arms and archers who are about to proceed to France in their retinues.

· p183 - July 27. 1438, Dogmersfield -
Appointment, during pleasure, of Edward Stradelyng knight, to be sheriff of Kermerdyn in South Wales, accounting at the exchequer of Kermerdyn. By C.

· p538 April 20. Dogmersfield -
Commission to Edward Stradelyng, knight, Alexander Hody, William Chount, John Priscote and the sheriff of Somerset to make inquisition in the said county into whose hands have come certain goods and merchandise captured from a ship called la Marie of Bilbawe, whereof John Martyn was master, lately taken contrary to the form of letters of safe-conduct, and touching their value, and to make restitution, committing to prison such as refuse to do the same.
1441-6, Henry VI
· p 118 - Nov 10, 1442, Westminster
Pardon to Edward Stradlyng of Halseweye, co. Somerset, knight, for not appearing before the justices of the bench to answer Thomas Bataill, citizen and mercer of London, touching a plea of debt of 36l.12s

· p 247 - Jan 20, 1444, Westminster
Commission to Edward Stradelyng, knight, Alexander Hody, Robert Warre, John Sydenham and Richard Clyvedon, setting forth that , whereas Fernandus Dalvys of Vermia, Spain, master of a ship called Seint Anton of Biskay, Spain, sailing with the ship and merchants, mariners and merchandise therin with letters of safe-conduct, touched at the port of Dalkey, Ireland, and sold their mechandise to merchants of Dublin and caused to be delivered to them all thereof save 40 tuns of wine and 300 quarters of salt, and afterwards John Colwell ina ship, wherof Thomas Cradok of Bruggewater is owner, and William Cooke in a 'spinace' with divers the kings lieges attacked the said ship and took the same with the said wine and salt to the port of Bruggewater, disposing therof at will - they are to make inquisition in the county of Somerset into whose hands the ship and cargo have come, and to cause restitution therof to be made, committing to prison such as refuse the same.

· p 287 - March 8, 1444, Westminster
A repeat of the last entry with minor variation in the wording

· p 477 - 1441-4 Commissions of the peace
Somerset - Edward Stradlyng, knight.
· p 28 - 4, Feb 5, 1449, Westminster
Licence, for 10 marks paid in the hanaper, for James Lutrell, esq, son and heir of John Lutrell, knight, deceased, to grant to Edward Stradelyng, knight, John Sydenham the younger and Richard , Popham the castle and borough of Dunster, the manors of Mynhed, Carhampton and Culveton and the hundred of Carhampton county Somerset, held in chief, and for them to grant the same to John, archbishop of Canterbury, Humphrey, duke of Buckingham, Walter Rodeney, knight, John Seymour, knight, the said James Lutrell, Thomas Wake,esq, Richard Arthur, esq, William Arthur, esq, and Alexander Hody and the heirs of the body of James, with remainder after the decease of the said archbishop and others to the heirs of the body of Richard Lutrell, with remainder over to th right heirs of James.

· p 594 - Commissions of the Peace - 1447-51

· p215 - Dec 10, 1454 - Westminster
Licence for 4 marks paid in the hanaper, for Uriah de la Hay and Elizabeth his wife to grant to Walter Devereux, k, William Herbert,k, Henry Ogan,k, Walter Devereux,esq, Henry Stradlyng,esq, John Berowe,clerk, Miles Skull,gent, Thomas Sergeant,esq, and Thomas Oruell and the heirs of William, a moiety of a moiety of the manors of Welynton and Addesore and of 100 acres of land and 20s of rent in Welynton, co. Hereford, held in chief, and the remainder of the other moiety of the said moiety after the death of Henry ap Griffith,esq, and Joan his wife, who hold the same for the life of Joan of the inheritance of Uriah.

· p 99, - Sept 19, 1461, Westminster
Commission to Tocotes,knight, Henry Longe, John Russell, and John Wytokesmede to inquire what land Edmund Stradlynge,esq, deceased, held in the county of Wilts on the day of his death, who is his next heir, and of what age, and who has occupied the lands since his death.

· p522 - May 24, 1475, Westminster
Commission to William Stourton of Stourton, knight, John Cheyne of Westminster. Pynne, esquire, Robert Stowell, esquire, John Trevylyan, esquire, William Huddesfeld, Thomas Tremayle and William. Stenyng to inquire into the complaint of Elizabeth Loterell, widow, that whereas John Loty was lately seised of the manors of Mynhed, Culveton, Yveton and Estcontok, co. Somerset, in his demesne as of fee and enfeoffed James Loterell, esquire, and the said Elizabeth, then his wife, of them to hold to themselves and the heirs of James and they were accordingly seised of them, viz. the said James in his demesne as of fee and the said Elizabeth in her demesne as of frank tenement, and also a fine was levied at Westminster in fifteen days from Easter, 31 Henry VI. before John Prysot and his fellows, justices of the Bench of the late king, between Nicholas Radford, William Dodesham and John Loty, complainants, and the said James and Elizabeth, deforciants, concerning five messuages, three carucates of land, 6 acres of meadow and 13d. of rent in Exton, Vexford, Ryxen and Stokegommer, co. Somerset, by which the said James and Elizabeth acknowledged these to be the right of the said Nicholas as those which the said Nicholas, William and John had of their grant and released the same to the latter, and the latter granted the same to the said James and Elizabeth to hold to themselves and the heirs of the body of James, and they entered into and were seised of the same, viz. the said James in his demesne as of fee tail and the said Elizabeth in her demesne as of frank tenement, and continued their estate, in the premises through the whole life of James, who died after 29 December, 39 Henry VI. and before 4 March, 1 Edward IV. and the said Elizabeth survived and was seised of the premises and received the esplees thereof until at the Parliament held at Westminster on 4 November, 1 Edward IV. it was ordained that the said James for his murder of the king's father Richard, late duke of York, be attainted of high treason and forfeit to the king all his possessions which he had on 30 December, 39 Henry VI. in England, Ireland, Wales, Calais or the marches of the same without the liberty of the bishopric of Durham, saying all rights to any person not attainted by the said act, and that the wives of any persons attainted if they were born under the obedience of the crown should enjoy their own hereditaments after the death of their husbands, afterwards by an inquisition taken at Dunster, co. Somerset, on 20 September, 4 Edward IV. before Thomas Mauncell, esquire, then escheator in the county, by virtue of his office and returned before the barons of the Exchequer at Westminster it was found that Edward Stradlyng, knight, John Sydynham the younger and Richard Popham were seised of the said manors of Mynhed and Culveton in theirdemesne as of fee and granted them to John, late archbishop of Canterbury, Humphrey, late duke of Buckingham, Walter Rodney, knight, John Seymor, knight, James Lutterell, Thomas Wake, esquire, Robert Warre, esquire, Richard Loterell, esquire, John Cheyne, esquire, Richard Arthur, esquire, William Arthur and Alexander Hody to hold to the use of the said James and the heirs of his body, and they were accordingly seised of the same as above, and the said archbishop, duke, Thomas, Richard Loterell. and Alexander died before the said 30 December and the others survived and continued their estate until that date, and that the said James was seised on the said 30 December in his demesne as of fee of the said manors of Estcantok and Yveton and nine messuages, three carucates of land, 60 acres of meadow and 20d. of rent in Exton, Vexford, Ryxen, Stokegommer, Huyshe by Heybrigge, Cotheleston, Little Carhampton and Radlot, co. Somerset, of which the premises claimed are parcel, and died seised thereof, and by pretext of the above act and inquisition the said manors and tenements were taken into the king's hands on the said 20 September by the said escheator and the said Elizabeth was removed from possession and the king was seised thereof in his demesne as of fee until by letters patent he granted them to William Herbert, late lord Herbert, and the heirs of his body and on his death they descended to William Herbert, earl of Pembroke, who still survives, but she was born within the realm, viz, at Exeter, co. Devon, and on the said 29 December was the wife of the said James Lotterell and claims the premises as above notwithstanding the said inquisition, wherefore she prays that justice may be done.

1478-1484 - nil

· p 216/7/8 - Feb. 26. Westminster.
Mandate to Thomas Garth, Richard Neweton, Hugh Huntley, John Stradling, John Brusy, John Thomas and Thomas Turbervile, esquires. Whereas Sir James Tyrell, knight for the body, is content to take recompense out of the revenues of the king's county of Guysnes in the marches of Calais for all the lands which at the beginning of the reign he had in Wales, as specified in the schedule annexed to seize into the king's hands all the said lands, goods and -debts comprised in the said schedule and to agree with all persons who have occupied the same and to exercise the office of steward of the said lands until further order. And if any will not obey them, they are to report their names to the duke of Bedford and he shall take them and keep them in gaol until further order. English. By p.s.

Mandate to Richard Lussher and John Thomas to receive the rents of the said lands and let them to farm to the king's profit. English. By P.S.

The schedule referred to in the two preceding entries :-
The parcels of lands whereof the said Sir James Tyrell war, seised as of fee at the beginning of the present reign:-
  • Lands in Kerdyff and Glamorgan called 'Portaleyns lands' to the yearly value of 261., into which Sir Thomas Vaughan, knight, hath entered, and willed that the tenants shall not pay their rents to him insomuch that the rent remains in their hands, except that one Lewes Massy has received without cause or colour 20 marks, the sum due for three years. Total, 781.
  • Lands there called Sygyns londs, into which Syr Hugh Raglon, 'prest,' had entered and taken the profits for three years. Total, 201. The manor of Castelton, with a place in the castell bailly, whereinto Davyd Matthewe and David Philipp, Thomas have entered and taken the profits for three years. Total, 331.
  • Half a burgage in Cowbrygge, whereinto William Dedy hath entered and taken the profits for three years. Total, 31.
  • Tenements in Wenvo, wherein certain persons unknown have entered and taken the profits for three years, Total, 31. 6s. 8d.
  • Lands and tenements called Crok and Pyll, which Mathewe Gradok occupies, to the yearly value of 51. 6s. 8d.
  • Lands that he bought of Richard Flemmyng, to the yearly value of 51. Total, 151.
    Sum total, 1571. 13s. 4d.

    Parcel of the wardships whereof the said Sir James Tyrell was possessed at the beginning of the present reign:-
  • Wardship of the lands of John Malyfaunte, whereinto the said David Mathewe, Doctor William Morgan and Treharon ap Morgan had entered and taken the profits for two years. Total, 2521.
  • By command of 'my lord of Bedford' the said Davyd Mathewc, Thomas Turbill and Morgan ap Robert have taken the profits of part of the said lands. Total, 1261.
  • Issues and profits of lands in Pembrokeshire belonging to the said wardship, received by command of my lord of Bedford. Total, 751. Wardship of the lands of Edward Stardlyng in the county of Glomorgan, whereinto Sir Rees ap Thomas, knight, has entered and taken the profits for three years. Total, 2081.
  • Issues of lands belonging to the said wardship, in the lordship of Coytyfl, received by Morgan Gamage for three years. Total, 1001.

    Sum total, 7611.
    Parcels of farms whereof the said Sir James Tyrell was possessed at the beginning of the present reign:-
  • Fee-farm of Kerdyff for life, of the grant of the abbot of Neith by convent seal whereof the abbot has taken the. profits for three years. Total, 451.
  • Lands and farms in Glomorgan of the lease of the abbot of Tewkysbury, whereof Jenkyn Basset, Richard ap Howell, Thomas and John Butler have taken the profits for three years, which was clear to him above the abbot's farm by the year 1001. Total, 3001.
  • Lands, tenements and farms in Wenlog called Basleke, of the lease of the bishop of Llandaff, whereof Sir John ap Morgan, knight, hath taken the profits for three years, not paying the farm thereof to the said bishop. Total, 1861.
  • Farm of the Graunge in the county of Glomorgan [of the lease] of the abbot of Mergan by convent seal for 100 years, whereof my lord of Bedford has taken the profits for three years. Total, 901. He had to farm two tything barns called Coityff, and of the grant of Doctor William Morgan, whereof the latter has taken the profits for three years. Total, 331.

    Sum total, 6551.

    Offices and fees whereof the said James Tyrell was possessed for life at the beginning of the present reign, in Kerdyff and Glomorgan:-
  • He had by patent of the duke of Sutfolk 101. a year out of the lordship of Wryngston for three years. Total, [301].
  • Of John Saint John 51. a year for three years. Total, 15 l.
  • Of my lord of Dudley 40s. a year. Total, 61.
  • Of my lady Vele 40s. Total, 61.
  • Of the abbot of Keynesham 40s. a year. Total, 61.
  • Of the abbot of Lanternam 40s. a year. Total, 61.
  • Of the abbot of Tewkysbury 51. a year. Total, 151.
  • Of Edmond Stradlyng 51. a year. Total, 151.

    Sum total, 1041.

    The value of the plate and other household stuff lost in Kerdyff and Glomorgan since the beginning of the present reign by the said Sir James Tyrell, which by estimation amounts to the sum of 1,0001., and which were taken away by David Mathewc, William Mathewe, John Andrewe, Thomas Raglond and others. Total, 1,0001.
    There is owing to him by certain persons in that county whereof he can make proof by writing and otherwise the sum of 500 marks.
    Sum total, 3,0111. English,

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